Our address: 475 Cranston Street, Providence, RI 02907

Tel. Contacts: 401-351-1368 | Fax: 401-490-0365
Pastor Study: 401-351-3438 | Fax: 401-621-8298

Pastor’s email: Henrypreach28@gmail.com
Church Emails: Ebenezerbaptistchurch475@gmail.com Ebc475baptist@outlook.com

Parking for Services and other programs/activities:

The church has 4 parking lots: 1st lot is immediately in front of the church on Cranston/Superior Streets, 2nd lot is on Cranston St. after the convenient store, the 3rd lot is on Ford St. behind the Ice Cream Parlor and the 4th lot, which is the largest, is at the back of church on Ford Street. Parking on the various streets is also allowed.